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Pricing + Services

Our services are affordable! $599 Credit Flipping

Credit Flipping $599 flat fee + tax.

We look for errors on your credit report that may help remove the following types of accounts. We do not guarantee deletions, but instead we will challenge the reporting methods used by the credit bureaus. This usually results in the removal of erroneous accounts and/or inquiries or flipping the negative items to positive reporting items.

Credit flipping is taking negative credit and re-reporting it as positive credit by entering into a unique program that works with the creditors to change the status of the account to paid as agreed. What we can’t flip, we will remove. Either way, the negative information no longer appears.

Removing or Flipping Charged-Off Debt

When a debt is charged-off, that means the creditor has now accepted the money you owe as a loss. This is the usual account status before an account is sold to a collection agency.

When in this phase, we can help you tremendously! Our credit flipping software will attempt to get the credit bureaus to change the status from “charge-off” to “paid as agreed”.

Flipping School Loans

Removing school loans is tricky business. If they’re government loans they may come back over time. So we came up with a solution . . . Flip it! We flip the payment history to paid as agreed. This is often better than removing it.

Removing Repossessions, Liens, Judgements, Foreclosures and Bankruptcies

These items seriously damage your credit score. Bankruptcy courts do not disclose your personal data to the credit bureaus. Therefore, since that information is retrieved from 3rd parties, oftentimes, there are errors. We remove these items quickly and efficiently. If any of the removed items reappear within 6 months, we will remove them again at no charge.

Removing Collection Accounts

Collection accounts can NOT be flipped. They can only be removed.

Removing Inquiries

Inquiries damage your credit score. We can remove them. Each time you apply for any type of loan or credit, you get an inquiry on your credit profile. When an inquiry shows up on your credit report, it drops your score. The more inquiries, the more the score drops. We challenge the reporting methods directly.

Removing Inquiries

Including inquiries the cost is $599.

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