Credit Flipping

Credit Flipping is a new and innovative way to improve your credit. This is not the same as traditional credit repair. Credit flipping uses unique software that negotiates with the credit bureaus, requesting negative items on your credit report be changed to positive reporting items. Not all types of credit qualify. If we can not flip a negative item, we can remove it. So either way, our clients are in good shape.

What Items Can be Flipped?

We can flip some charged off accounts to “paid as agreed”. We also can change some late payments to timely payments, removing the late mark. Bankruptcies can also be flipped. We can pull out the accounts that were included in the bankruptcy, and have the bureaus re-report those accounts as paid as agreed. This not only removes the bankruptcy, but reports those accounts that were included as positive. 

Creating Tradelines

A tradeline is nothing more than an account reporting on your credit profile such as a mortgage, credit card, line of credit, auto-loan etc . . . Credit scores are driven upwards based on the amount of positive tradelines showing on a report. With credit flipping, we can use your own negative accounts, flip them to paid as agreed and then have it reported as positive tradelines. This can not be done with collection accounts, only accounts that are in the charge-off status.

For example, a client with a charged off auto loan, also known as a “repo” will usually see a drastic score drop due to the account not being paid. However, with our credit flipping program, we can change this status to “paid as agreed” changing this repo to a positive tradeline. There is nothing like this in the industry.

It doesn’t matter if you have 3 negative accounts or 30, the cost is $499.

$599 including inquiries

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